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7 June 2008 @ 6pm


How to play Sim City 2000 on your Intel Mac for free

This just might be the most important post on the internet you’ve ever read. Because Sim City 2000 just might be the best game ever made. I know there have been several sequels, but none of them have come close to pure, simplistic grace of Sim City 2000. They all got too complicated with trash collection and agriculture and water systems that actually matter. Sim City 2000 knew what to keep in, and knew what to leave out.

It has, up until now, been rather difficult to get Sim City 2000 running on an Intel Mac. It’s relatively easy with a PPC Mac, provided you have the Classic environment installed. (Download the PPC version here.) But my guide seeks to bring the same simplicity to running Sim City 2000 on an Intel Mac as exists on the older Mac side.

Here it is. It’s presented in steps. Each one follows the other!

Setting up Sim City 2000 on your Intel Mac computer
1. Download the DOS version of Sim City 2000 from this link. This is the original version of the game. I got it from some abandonware site, but I’m not sure on its status as “abandonware” legally, really, so here’s the thing — if anyone asks where you got this from, you better not say it was ME. Because it wasn’t. I’ve never seen you before in my life.

2. Don’t touch any of those files you just downloaded. It should have automatically unzipped itself to a folder called “simCity2000” — leave those files where they are. Seriously. If you touch them we’re through.

3. Download a new Mac program called “Boxer” from this website. Boxer is an awesome application that really simplifies the process of getting old DOS games running on your Intel Mac. You may also want to give the developer some money while you’re there. But the program itself is free.

4. Install Boxer. This is pretty simple and if you manage to screw it up or get confused then you’re dead to me. Run Boxer to set it up and make sure everything is working.

5. Find that “simcity2000” folder I told you not to touch. You can touch it now. Find the file called “sc2000.exe” and double click on it. You’re in! Press alt+enter to go to full screen and enjoy the awesome game that is Sim City 2000.

Remember to:

  • Avoid building residential tiles right next to industrial tiles.
  • Build lots of police stations, fire stations, hospitals and schools.
  • Avoid nuclear power because it will probably melt down and kill everyone.
  • Do not cut back on transit funding — you will regret that.
  • Don’t use the cheat codes and keep disasters on, you jerk — it makes the game more interesting

Optional Step!
If you want, you can rename your “simcity2000” folder to “simcity2000.boxer” and it will behave just like any other standalone Mac app, allowing for really easy usage always.

I hope you enjoy. I know I have: